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Collection Of Construction Work Drawing (Shop Drawing) - Dwg Format Free Download

Development is a key factor in making a region progress. Good development must also be supported by good planning. In an area of ​​development carried out evenly and prioritize the needs of the surrounding community.

In a development, the first thing to do is planning. A plan made will be adjusted to the needs and functions of the building. Good planning will give birth to a good building and in accordance with community needs. Development is currently very advanced, starting from the construction in the fields of buildings, roads, bridges, hospitals, and other supporting facilities.

A civil engineer is an actor who must be involved in every line of development in an area. This is in accordance with the field of science that is occupied by a civil engineer, the science of building construction. A civil engineer has the obligation to plan and carry out development in accordance with the principles and rules contained in civil engineering. For example building buildings that adjust the conditions to the existing location such as proper building foundation planning in accordance with soil conditions so that the building will be in accordance with the target plan.

At this time I present some dwg format working drawings to my colleagues all hopefully can be useful and may be an additional reference data for colleagues all. The picture that I attached is a development carried out in Indonesia with the concept of a tropical country.

This is Sample of Shop Drawing Dwg Format

Donwload free :

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