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School Building Autocad Drawing [sudutsipil] | Free Download File

Campus is a place to get knowledge. Modern and good campus building construction can make students become more enthusiastic in learning

In its development, the construction of campus buildings is very important to create a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for lectures, as well as the identity of a campus. In the construction there are several aspects that need attention, namely in terms of architectural, structural and building utilization.

In building planning, both terraced or not must pay attention to strength, comfort, economics, and influence on the environment. These aspects must be planned and calculated carefully. Factors that influence the strength of construction are the loads that will be borne such as dead load, live load, wind load, and earthquake load.

The components contained in the building itself consist of foundation, floor, column, beam, floor plate and roof plate. Each of these components must go through a thorough calculation, so that it can be known a lot and type of material to be used. Material should be used to withstand maximum and efficient loads.

One obstacle faced is the imbalance between the number of students and the number of classrooms available. Increase it the need for classrooms in the Faculty of Engineering is not matched by the amount students who also increase each year, especially after admission new student at the University of Indonesia.

The number of students is increasing certainly affect teaching and learning activities, especially in terms of scheduling arrangements and class division arrangements for students.

Sometimes, this setting can turn into a problem when the number of classes is available not able to accommodate the number of students, or when college activities additions cannot be made due to the unavailability of empty classrooms.

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